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          Angie Maes has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember. She has filled many journals, recording everything from insignificant happenings to the day her best friend became the man of her dreams. As her family has grown, writing has become an outlet for her creativity. She jokes that writing is a roller coaster ride and God is building the track right in front of her as she goes.

          When she was a little girl, she loved to ask lots of questions. Today, if she gets a chance to have a long conversation with you, she will ask about your journey.  Nothing thrills her more than hearing how love is transforming your journey. All her stories, from the drafts sitting on a publisher desk to those that are just a blurb in her head follow someone's path.

          She lives in Colorado with her husband. They have 5 children, who seem to be growing up too fast! Two cats rule the household, although the cat kingdom is waring with itself. She wishes for time to practice the piano, flute, and viola. She likes to quilt, crochet, draw, paint, and many other crafty things. Her hands are full, but she is abundantly blessed.

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