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Can God use the chaos swirling around you?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

About a month ago, I had a lovely weekend with some good friends of almost 20 years. We had yummy food, not all was healthy but most was. We hung out in a friend's family's mountain home. Looking out from the dining room window, we guessed we could see Pikes Peak, Colorado's second-highest peak. Our time of fellowship drenched my soul in a way that I desperately needed. We stayed up too late and chatted. It was a relaxing weekend that still brings quiet deep in my heart.

We usually check-in with each other through Facebook or playdates now and then. But there's always noses to wipe, ouchies that need band-aids or just extra noise. It had been too long since I sat and visited with these ladies and be able to completely focus on them. They inspire me, encourage me and if I may use the word, they are my tribe.

We went for a little hike on Sunday afternoon and I got some fabulous pictures.

Nothing spectacular, but things that just struck me as noteworthy. It was an easy hike and we should've picked up a trail guide to learn the importance of the markers. We returned to the visitor center and enjoyed a snack at a picnic table. I was bitten by an ant. Our guardian dog got really upset over another dog walking the trail, which was unusual. Then we went back to the house for lunch and naps.

All too soon, it was time to clean-up and head home. We walked through the house several times grabbing those last-minute things that had been forgotten. Deep in my spirit, I was prompted to make sure that I had my camera. I searched through my backpack and couldn't find it. We loaded the cars. No camera. We double-checked the house. At least one friend checked my backpack.

And then I got to practice something God and I have been working on. Taking my thoughts captive. I was not going to belittle myself because I lost my camera. I was disappointed and even sad. With quick good-byes, my friend and I hustled back to the visitor center. We had thirty-five minutes to make it back to the visitor center, thirty minutes away. No one had turned it in. It was not on the picnic table. I realized I never put all the old pictures on to my computer and I was losing pictures of my kids playing their instruments too.

I rechecked my bag, but it was gone. With a sigh, I embraced it and we drove home. I dropped her off and as soon as I got to the highway, I was saddened again. But it became even harder to fight that little voice that claimed I was too much of a mess, need to be more organized. I asked God to fight this battle because I could not. I turned up the radio determined to drown out the negativity.

This song was just beginning.

Yes, God can use missing cameras. He didn't make a mistake in creating me to be random. It was a great weekend that will be remembered long after the pictures would be faded. There were things I was going to do to continue to find the camera, but I could finally let it be what it was. A lost camera.

Father God,

Thank you for creating me perfectly for Your Glory. Thank you for a weekend away. Thank you for using my lost camera to draw me closer to You. Thank you that I am a mess but I am greatly blessed.

*Just so you know, I came home and told my husband that I lost my camera. He asked if I checked in the backpack that I had borrowed from him for the trip. A little annoyed, I confirmed. He left the room and came

back within two minutes camera in hand. There was a hidden pocket in the bag. Finally, tears streaked down my face but now they were in joy, relief and being abundantly blessed.

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